#73 Big Careers, Small Children: The Job Share Pair – Everything You Need to Know About Job Sharing

Big Careers, Small Children - ep73 - Job Sharing - The Job Share Pair

“Most people know what the concept of job sharing is but many don’t know how it works in practice.”

Our guests this week on the Big Careers, Small Children podcast are Hannah Hall-Turner and Rachel Maguire, otherwise known as The Job Share Pair.

Having successfully job shared together in their HR Director role at a Fortune 500 firm they are now on a mission to make job sharing an accessible option for all.

Rachel and Hannah talk really honestly about the pro’s and con’s of job sharing, detailing everything you need to know before embarking on the journey.

The conversation is packed with practical advice and links to useful resources which are helpful wherever you are in the process.

So whether you’re considering finding a job share partner, are already job sharing and want tips to improve the relationship or if you’re an employer wondering what the benefit would be to your organisation, listen to this episode to learn:

  • How to find your perfect job share partner
  • The characteristics you might need to be successful at job sharing
  • If you need to be close friends with your job sharing partner for your job share to work
  • The best way to structure your working week with your partner
  • The tools Hannah and Rachel use to revolutionise their handovers
  • Whether job sharers should expect to take a pay cut
  • How to convince your organisation that job sharing works
  • The latest stats around job sharing success
  • The resources that can support you in your job share

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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Other resources mentioned in this episode for job sharers:
Flexible Working People
Daisy Chain
Investing in Women

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