#71 Big Careers, Small Children: Sharath Jeevan – Finding Your Motivation and Inner Drive

Big Careers, Small Children - ep71 - Inner Drive - Sharath Jeevan

Our guest today is Sharath Jeevan, an expert when it comes to motivation and purpose and the best-selling author of Intrinsic, a practical guide to re-igniting the inner-drive (or intrinsic motivation) in our lives.

Sharath is also the Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs,  supporting organisations all around the world to solve deep motivational challenges.

Previously Sharath founded and led STiR Education to re-ignite the motivation of 200,000 teachers, 35,000 schools and 7 million children in emerging countries.

During the Pandemic many working parents have questioned how they spend their time and are seeking more purpose in their working life. So during our discussion Sharath shares with us:

  • Whether it’s essential to leave the ‘rat race’ to find deeper fulfilment
  • How we can achieve more lasting happiness and success in our careers
  • The difference between mastery and autonomy
  • How all individuals need to work on their personal mission statements
  • Why parenting models now need to change

We hope you find our conversation useful and insightful.

You can connect with Sharath via Twitter @sharathjeevan_ or LinkedIn.

His book Intrinsic is available now.

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