#69 Big Careers, Small Children: Compilation Episode: The Best Tips for Managing Workload, Mental Health and Well Being

Compilation - Big Careers, Small Children - ep69

Something a little different for this week’s podcast as we are diving into the archives to bring you some of the very best tips around managing workload and supporting your mental health and wellbeing from popular previous episodes.

Laura Harrison (Co-Founder of The Human Change Agency and a Leaders Plus Mentor) has excellent advice on managing your workload when you move from full time to part time hours, including sharing actionable tips on how you can make changes to your working hours that work best for you and your company.

Poppy Jaman OBE‏ Leaders With Babies PodcastPoppy Jaman OBE (CEO, City Mental Health Alliance) is a mover and shaker when it comes to mental health and the fact that we are now talking openly about mental health issues at work is strongly influenced by her incredible work.  Poppy shares with us the best piece of advice she was given and it may surprise you!

Dr Suhana Ahmed Crisis ManagementDr Suhana Ahmed (Consultant Psychiatrist, Old Age at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust) is another pioneer in the area of mental health and has been in the thick of things during the COVID-19 crisis leading an NHS psychiatric inpatient ward where patients had caught COVID.  Suhana shares with us how she led a team during such a challenging time, including the things she learned during the experience that have made her a better leader.

Finally we revisit a powerful panel discussion dedicated to the topic of workload and managing expectations.

Panellists Susannah Hardyman (CEO, Action Tutoring) and Vicky Fox (CEO, The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom) have practical advice on managing workload whilst progressing an ambitious career alongside bringing up children.


With special thanks again to our fantastic podcast guests:

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