#68 Big Careers, Small Children: Sharing the Mental Load & Finding Time For Your Partner

Catherine O Brien - Big Careers, Small Children - ep68

Having a baby is a huge transition for any couple and navigating life as a new family can be particularly challenging.

This week’s guest, Catherine O’Brien, is an expert in relationships. As a marriage and family therapist and the author of the brilliant book Happy With Baby she shares with new parents the advice she wishes she could have had as a parent, whilst giving practical tips on how to keep your relationship afloat after starting a family.

Our discussion includes:

  • How to make time for each other when leaving the house for a date night isn’t an option
  • When it’s time to seek outside support from counselling 
  • How to make sure you’re present with your partner
  • Ways to share the mental load
  • How to ask for help so that your partner hears you 

Enjoy this week’s inspiring episode and if you’d like to connect with Catherine you can head to www.happywithbaby.com/ for more details about her work, including where to buy her wonderful book.

Head to www.leadersplus.org/couples/ for more resources, including a checklist of 10 questions all couples should answer before returning from Maternity Leave, Shared Parental Leave or Adoption Leave.

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