#67 Big Careers, Small Children: Defining Your Work/Life Rhythm, Dealing With a Bad Boss & Finding Purpose in Your Career

Fiona McDonnell - Big Careers, Small Children - Work Life Rhythm

Joining Verena Hefti in this episode of Big Careers, Small Children is Fiona McDonnell, an author and business leader with more than 30 years’ experience in senior management at global companies like Kellogg’s, Nike and Amazon.

Having regularly mentored others and as a regular speaker on the topic of careers, Fiona recently published her debut book Two Mirrors and a Cheetah: Think Differently, Own Your Career & Succeed by Being Yourself  which offers inspiring, insightful and practical advice to bring career fulfilment.

Verena and Fiona discuss:

  • How to identify your purpose and progress your career
  • Recognise and successfully navigate change
  • Deal with challenges like a ‘bad’ manager
  • Define your own work-life rhythm

Enjoy this week’s inspiring episode and if you’d like to connect with Fiona you can find her on LinkedIn here.

Find out more about Fiona’s career, including details of where you can purchase her brilliant book via her website www.fionamcdonnell.com.

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