#66 Big Careers, Small Children: Dealing With Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour & Thriving in a Male Dominated Industry

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Hopefully none of our listeners have ever had to deal with sexist, racist or power play incidents at work. But if you had, would you know how to take them to HR?

On this episode of the Big Careers, Small Children Podcast (formerly Leaders With Babies) Verena chats with Sylvia Opara, the Group Head of Human Resources at Alandale Group of Companies.

As a senior HR leader in the male dominated construction industry, Sylvia shares with us her tips for dealing with inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. Plus, why she champions women in the construction industry and how we should applaud the recent progress that has been made in the sector.

Sylvia is also a mum of 4 and recently returned to work for the 4th time.  She shares how she has managed to pursue her career aspirations and progress her leadership roles whilst also juggling a large family.

They also discuss:

  • Why the best career choice you can make is the partner you choose
  • What Sylvia has learned about negotiation
  • Sylvia’s top 3 tips for progressing your senior career whilst wanting a big family

Enjoy this week’s inspiring episode and if you’d like to connect with Sylvia you can find her on LinkedIn here.

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Show Notes:
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