#63 Leaders With Babies: Diverse Networking

Lee Higgins - Diverse Networking - Leaders With Babies Podcast

Who makes up your professional network and how different to you are they?  Why do you need a diverse network and what’s the best strategy to ensure you get one? Plus, what’s the best networking advice if you find this skill doesn’t come naturally to you?

I am delighted to welcome back to the podcast Lee Higgins, the co-founder of DIVERSE TALENT netWORKS and a thought leader who has decades of experience working as a headhunter for senior leadership roles.

Lee is particularly passionate about diversity and inclusion and he is an expert when it comes to creating professional relationships with people who are not like you.

In order to progress your career (and in order to get the things you need e.g. flexible working) you need to have cultivated relationships with senior people in your organisation and Lee has lots of practical advice to share on how to do this.

If (like myself and Lee) you find networking doesn’t always come naturally to you then you’ll really benefit from the tips Lee shares. Including:

  • How to create relationships with people who are not exactly like you
  • Why most people find networking difficult
  • Why tone of voice and delivery are your secret weapons
  • The best advice Lee has ever been given about networking
  • Why we need to make time for networking
  • Why you should connect with people who have different perspectives
  • How to practically network via LinkedIn
  • Lee’s top 3 tips for diverse networking

If you’d like to get in touch with Lee directly then you can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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