#64 Leaders With Babies: Career Changes, Transferable Skills & Learning How to Sell Yourself

Geraldine Butler-Wright - Career Changes - Leaders With Babies

Does your career make you feel alive? Our guest today believes it is critical that we find a job that ignites our passion and shares fantastic tips for working parents looking to change their career.

Geraldine Butler-Wright juggles multiple senior leadership roles. As Chief People & Culture Officer for Healthily she is on a mission to help a billion people find their health through self care. She is also a Trustee,  Advisor and Strategic Advisor and for the past year has been a Senior Leader Mentor on our award-winning Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme. Geraldine is also a mum to a little girl and will welcome her second child in early 2022.

Having successfully navigated several career changes in her leadership career (including moving across sectors) Geraldine is an absolute goldmine of advice when it comes to ensuring your skills are transferable from job to job and this episode is a must listen for anyone who is thinking about a career change.

Our discussion includes:

  • Why it’s important to find organisations who welcome fluidity in getting things done
  • Why just saying ‘yes’ might be the best decision you ever make
  • How to learn to sell yourself to a potential new employer
  • How to choose the right company for you
  • How to improve and then highlight your transferable skills
  • Geraldine’s best advice for moving to an organisation with purpose

Enjoy this week’s inspiring episode and if you’d like to you can connect with Geraldine on LinkedIn here.

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