#62 Leaders With Babies: Building Exceptional Relationships

Carole Robin podcast

Building Exceptional Relationships

Welcome to Series 5, Episode 62 of The Leaders With Babies Podcast.

Carole Robin Ph.D is Co-Founder of Leaders in Tech, a development program for leaders of tech companies. She also taught the legendary Interpersonal Dynamics (aka Touchy Feely) course at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is the co-author of the highly acclaimed Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends and Colleagues. The book contains the lessons of “Touchy Feely” that thousands of students and executives have consistently described for decades as life changing.

Here she talks to Verena Hefti, Leaders Plus CEO and Founder, about how to build exceptional relationships. They discuss:

– Productive conflict and how to challenge mental models
– How disclosure is the building block for developing relationships
– The 15% disclosure rule which will help you step put of your comfort zone
– Building relationships with people who are different to you

Find out more about Leaders in Tech here and purchase here book here

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