#56 Leaders With Babies: Verena Hefti – How to Get The Most Out of Maternity Leave

Verena Hefti - How to Get The Most Out of Maternity Leave

Welcome back to Series 5 of the Leaders With Babies Podcast.

In this episode Verena Hefti, Founder and CEO of Leaders Plus, discusses her experience of being on maternity leave with her third child, whilst running a social enterprise.

Verena is interviewed by Kirstie Brewer, a journalist at the BBC and a Leaders Plus Fellow.

Kirstie asks some interesting questions about maternity leave and how you can make it a productive time and plan your return to work.

We discuss:

  • The challenges of maternity leave and how to manage it whilst having older children
  • Ways in which you can prioritise your own wellbeing
  • How you can communicate with your partner before and during maternity leave, to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible
  • How to plan your return to work and how maternity leave can make you a better leader
  • Verena’s number one tip for transitioning from maternity leave back into work

Follow Verena on Twitter at @vhefti and Leaders Plus @leaders_plus.

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