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3 Tips for Managing Homeschooling During the Pandemic

3 Top Tips for Managing Home Schooling During the Pandemic

Homeschooling During the Pandemic? We asked our Fellow and Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Suhana Ahmed for her top 3 tips. Including why you should never compare you or your child to others and how cuddles and talking can make all the difference .

Dr Ahmed’s top 3 tips for working parents going through this difficult time:

⚡️Don’t Judge Yourself By Others

You are you, your child is YOUR child. Be confident – you will know how and what they need right now. Remember that personal/emotional growth is just as important as academic growth, if not more.

⚡️ Do Not Underestimate The Power of a Peer Network

Not the class What’s App group, where they all talk about how much work they’ve been doing.  I mean the sister, the friends, the mums who have got your back and support you. (Shout out to my lovely Leaders Plus friends.)

⚡️ Cuddles and Talking

Make time for this daily – tell your child you need a cuddle, ask them if they do too. Talk about how your day has been at the end of it.

How Leaders Plus Can Help You Further 

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