#183 Big Careers, Small Children: How to Implement Outcome-based Management

Outcome-based Management - Health Collective

How can we move to more outcome-based work cultures and how best can managers support this?

Outcome-based leadership relates to delivering results and achieving specific, measurable goals rather than being hyper-focused on time spent at your desk. It can enable employees and teams to work more autonomously and flexibly.

Our guests today Helen Balcome and Kate Groom, founders of The Health Kollective, believe that work can be and should be a positive force that complements everything else we do, enabling people, teams and businesses the freedom to thrive. They believe that outcome-based management is key to this.

On the show, they share how organisations can move to a more outcome-based way of working, how to manage a team based on output rather than time practically and why senior leaders should be first to model this behaviour. Plus, why you should have both 'to-do' and 'woo-hoo' lists.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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