#180 Big Careers, Small Children: Paul J. Sullivan – How to Become a Lead Dad & Parent Out Loudly

Paul J. Sullivan talks being a Lead Dad on the Big Careers, Small Children podcast

Ahead of Father's Day in the UK, Verena chats to New York Times columnist and founder of The Company of Dads, Paul J. Sullivan.

Through The Company of Dads online platform, Paul has created a thriving and inclusive community for 'lead dads' and is challenging traditional norms of what it means to be a father.

Lead dads are fully engaged in raising their children, supporting their partner and working to keep the house together and typically work a more flexible schedule than their partner.

Paul shares how he became a lead dad, why he is passionate about parenting out loudly and why it's so important to parent through your calendar (e.g. be honest about why you're leaving work and diarise it) because of the profoundly positive impact this can have at your organisation.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Show Notes:

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