#179 Big Careers, Small Children: Dr Sonia Damle – How to Navigate Shift Work as a Parent & the Benefits of Self-Rostering in the NHS & Beyond

Dr Sonia Damle on navigating shift work as a parent on Big Careers, Small Children

How can you navigate shift work as a parent?

This week we welcome Emergency Medicine Doctor Sonia Damle to the podcast.

Sonia shares her experience of shift work and how to make it work alongside bringing up children. Sonia has lots of practical advice for other shift workers, including:

  • why knowing what you want is vital to make it work
  • how utilising your support network can really make a difference
  • how self-rostering could be game changing in the NHS and beyond

Plus, the skills and experience we can take from shift work (eg. compartmentalising) and apply to more traditional working hours.

We hope you enjoy the conversation, do get in touch if you have any thoughts or feedback.

Show Notes:

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