#176 Big Careers, Small Children: [Future of Work] Bruce Daisley – How to Reduce the Number of Meetings in Your Workplace & Change the Organisational Culture

Bruce Daisley on the Big Careers, Small Children podcast

Would you like to reduce the number of meetings in your workplace?

Joining us this week is workplace culture enthusiast Bruce Daisley.

A former EMEA Vice President of Twitter, Bruce is now a best-selling author and hosts the podcast 'Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat', alongside helping organisations build energised and connected workplace cultures.

In this episode, we discuss how you can positively change the workplace culture where you work.

We share practical tips on reducing the number of meetings in the diary and look at the future of work, particularly in relation to artificial intelligence (AI).

Enjoy this thought provoking conversation.

This episode is part of our Future of Work series which explores the changing work landscape and how we can ensure it is inclusive for working parents.

Show Notes:

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