#170 Big Careers, Small Children: Lea Henry – How to Manage Perfectionism When Combining a Big Career & Young Children

Lea Henry, co-founder of CocoRio talks perfectionism and managing a big career and small children

This week we welcome Lea Henry, co-founder of the award-winning creative childcare agency CocoRio.

Together with her business partner Corinna Bordoli, Lea co-founded CocoRio because she worried about the quality of childcare available. As she couldn’t keep her kids with her 24/7, she wanted to ensure their overall development and emotional well-being would be catered for.

Lea shares practical advice on how she manages the competing demands of a baby, a toddler and a growing business.

A common theme during the discussion is perfectionism and letting go of the perfect time to do things. We discuss how to manage perfectionism and deal with feelings of guilt, plus why it's so important to set clear boundaries and tips on how to do it. 

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Show notes:

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