#165 Big Careers, Small Children: Sam Butters – The Benefits of being a Co-CEO & How to Navigate Morning Sickness in a Senior Role

Sam Butters - Co-CEO of Fair Education Alliance on the Big Careers, Small Children podcast

In this episode, Verena Hefti MBE chats with Sam Butters, Co-CEO of charity the Fair Education Alliance, a coalition of 250 organisations tackling educational inequality.

Verena and Sam discuss the multiple benefits of having Co-CEO’s and why this isn’t necessarily the same as a traditional job share.

Sam, who is a big advocate of work-life fluidity, describes how being a Co-CEO aligns perfectly when you’re a working parent, likening it to a long-term partnership akin to a marriage, with shared accountability and management responsibilities.

For Sam (who is currently expecting her second child) pregnancy has come with its fair share of morning sickness and she discusses how she has navigated this whilst in a senior role involving lots of face-to-face meetings.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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