#164 Big Careers, Small Children: Rachel Allison – How to Build a PR Agency as a New Mother & Tips for Managing Your Personal Brand

Rachel Allison - Axe + Saw on the Big Careers, Small Children podcast

What is the secret to other people talking positively about you at work?

Today on the podcast Verena Hefti MBE chats with Rachel Allison, founder of the PR agency Axe + Saw.

Rachel is someone who regularly advocates for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in her work and she is passionate about running a progressive, purpose-driven agency.

As a mother to a 6-month-old daughter, Rachel shares her freshest thinking on running an agency whilst raising a young family, including why a 4-day working week is key to their success.

Rachel also shares her top tips on managing your own personal brand, including how to get others to advocate for you.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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Show Notes:

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