#163 Big Careers, Small Children: Ellen Taaffe – How to Overcome Perfectionism & Master Self Promotion, Plus How to Support More Women into Senior Leadership Positions

Ellen Taaffe - The Mirrored Door - Big Careers, Small Children

How can women unblock the obstacles in their path and open the door to opportunities to reach more senior leadership levels?

Today on the podcast, Verena Hefti MBE chats with Ellen Taaffe, author of a thought-provoking new book entitled, 'The Mirrored Door: Break Through the Hidden Barrier That Locks Successful Women in Place'.

For many women, at some point in their career, they may encounter the 'mirrored door.' The place where, when presented with opportunities, they reflect inward and hesitate. Perhaps immobilised by a fear they are not ready or worthy enough to take action and move forward.

Ellen shares how we can break through this and overcome the gendered expectations that many women internalise. Ellen also has lots of practical advice on overcoming perfectionism and getting more comfortable with self-promotion at work.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Show Notes:

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