#160 Big Careers, Small Children: {CEO SERIES} Natasha Porter OBE – Why Being a CEO is One of the Best Jobs to Combine a Big Career and Small Children

Natasha Porter OBE on being a CEO as a parent to young children

This week Verena Hefti MBE is joined by Natasha Porter OBE, the CEO and Founder of the charity Unlocked Graduates, who recruit, train and challenge outstanding individuals to lead prisoner rehabilitation.

Natasha has two young children and gave birth to her eldest child just as Unlocked Graduates launched.

On the podcast, Natasha shares the reality of being a CEO, setting up an organisation and giving birth just after launch.

Natasha firmly believes that being a CEO is one of the best jobs to combine a big career and small children due to the role's flexibility and autonomy and she explains how they make it work for their family and how you could too.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

This episode is part of our CEO Series, spotlighting parents with young children who hold a CEO role.

Show Notes:

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