#155 Big Careers, Small Children: {CEO Series} Charlotte Hill OBE – Being a CEO & Enjoying Your Young Children

Big Careers Small Children - Charlotte Hill OBE

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Today Verena Hefti MBE is joined by Charlotte Hill OBE, the CEO of The Felix Project, a London charity fighting hunger and food waste.

Charlotte is a mother to two young children and is passionate that it's absolutely possible to work in a senior position and raise children.

On the podcast, she shares why it's absolutely worth it and how she practically makes it work, including how she sets boundaries when going to things like late-night networking events.

Charlotte is also extremely open about her own fertility struggles, detailing the challenges of being a CEO whilst going through IVF treatment and how now being a parent has made her a more thoughtful and inclusive leader.

Finally, Charlotte shares her advice to anyone considering a CEO career, including why becoming a Trustee or board member can really help give you relevant experience.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

This episode is part of our CEO Series, spotlighting parents with young children who hold a CEO role.

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