#154 Big Careers, Small Children: Rosie McLeod – Career Progression Gaps: Research Findings on Parents’ Career Ambitions & How Employers Can Retain & Support Them

Rosie McLeod - Career Progression Gaps

What's holding parents' career progression back and how can employers retain and support them?

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In summer 2023, the Big Parent Career Choices Survey was completed by nearly 900 working parents. It found that 86% of parents want to progress their careers in the next five years, with 51% wanting to progress in the next two years.

It also found what is holding them back...

On this week's podcast Verena Hefti MBE and Social Researcher Rosie McLeod discuss the survey findings from the brand new Career Progression Gaps: The Next Frontier report.


  • Their research together around working parents career progression
  • Why so many working parents say they think that having children has held them back in their careers
  • What the data tells us regarding why certain working parents are still progressing and how to replicate this for more working parents
  • What role employers can play and how they can best retain and support staff

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