#152 Big Careers, Small Children: Melissa Blisset – Gender Pay Gap: How Individuals & Employers Can Work to Close It

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What is the root cause of the gender pay gap? What can we do as both individuals and employers to help close it?

Following Equal Pay Day 2023 (the day in the year when - based on the gender pay gap - women overall in the UK stop being paid compared to men), Verena Hefti MBE is joined by financial wellbeing and pay gap analytics expert Melissa Blissett from UK Consultancy Barnett Waddingham to discuss the gender pay gap.

The most recent Office of National Statistics Gender Pay Gap in the UK: 2023 report highlights that the pay gap is now 14.3%. 

Melissa shares why the data really needs a closer look and why, in her view, organisations are not yet doing enough to get to the bottom of what’s driving the pay gap in the first place.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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