#151 Big Careers, Small Children: Paul Morgan-Bentley – Equal Parenting & How Sharing the Load Can Help Career Progression

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“If we’re going to talk a good game about equality at work that also means men taking on childcare responsibilities.”

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Ahead of International Men's Day (19/11) Paul Morgan-Bentley, Head of Investigations at The Times and author of the brilliant book The Equal Parent joins Verena Hefti MBE.

Paul is an advocate for men properly sharing responsibility for caring for their children.

He shares what he and his husband Robin have gained from parenting their son Solly equally and how this has positively impacted their career progression.

Paul also discusses the research for his book The Equal Parent and why it is not biologically determined that the mother should be the primary carer in a heterosexual relationship.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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