#149 Big Careers, Small Children: {CEO Series} Matthew Hayes – How to Combine CEO Life With Parenting Young Children

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Can you work in the top positions and still be there for school drop offs?

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Today Verena Hefti MBE is joined by Matthew Hayes, the Vice President & Managing Director of Technology From Sage.

Matthew is a father to two young daughters and is combining a big career with raising small children.

In the episode, he shares how he balances life in a very senior role (alongside working on a start-up) and is present with his daughters, including working flexibly and being there for school drop-offs.

This episode is packed with practical tips, including why Matthew believes being a CEO or Managing Director is possible when you have a family and what he has learned so far on his career journey.

This episode is part of our CEO Series, spotlighting parents with young children who hold a CEO role.

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