#147 Big Careers, Small Children: {CEO Series} Michelle Harrison – Does Society Think That Men & Women Are Equally Suitable to Lead? Findings from the Reykjavik Index

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Does Society Think That Men and Women are Equally Suitable to Lead?

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Today we are joined by Michelle Harrison, Global CEO of Kantar Public.

Launched in 2018, The Reykjavik Index for Leadership measures and tracks progress in society’s perceptions of women and men’s suitability to lead across the G7 nations, as well as Australia, Iceland, Indonesia, Poland, Singapore, Spain and Thailand.

After five years of measurement, the research appears to confirm we have made little discernible progress as a global society in viewing women and men as equally suitable to lead.

On the podcast, Michelle shares her thoughts on why societal attitudes toward female leaders have stalled, including what we need to do to change this.

This episode is part of our CEO Series, spotlighting inspirational working parents with children who hold a CEO role.

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