#146 Big Careers, Small Children: Dr Jasmin Islam – How to Set Boundaries & Ask for What You Need When Balancing Career & Family

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“Give yourself the permission to be brave”

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Today we welcome Consultant Dr Jasmin Islam to the podcast.

Jasmin balances two big roles alongside raising small children and splits her working hours between Kings College Hospital NHS & Clinical Public Health, United Kingdom Health Security Agency in London.

Having recently returned from her second maternity leave, Jasmin joins Verena to discuss what she's learned about setting boundaries throughout her career and how she practically implements that in her own life.

Jasmin also has helpful advice on how to ask for what you need, including how to deal with colleagues who might not be supportive of your requests.

Connect with Jasmin on Twitter (X) @dr_jas_islam or get in touch via email jasmin.islam1@nhs.net

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