#144 Big Careers, Small Children: Dom Holmes – How to Resize a Client Facing Role from 5 to 4 Days

Big Careers, Small Children - Dominic Holmes

“I can honestly say I’ve been more successful on 4 days a week than 5 days a week.”

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It's a pleasure to welcome back Dominic Holmes to the podcast.

Dominic is a Partner at the law firm Mischon De Reya and has successfully resized his client facing role from 5 days a week to 4 days.

He shares:

  • How he successfully reduced his workload
  • Why delegating is crucial
  • How to set firm boundaries with your time
  • Why he's been more successful since reducing his working hours

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Show Notes:

  • Connect with Dom on LinkedIn.
  • Listen to episode 33, Dominic's previous episode of Big Careers, Small Children.
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Episode Transcript

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