#141 Big Careers, Small Children: Drake Peabody – How to Network to Support Your Career Development

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“Some of those lightbulb moments have actually come from engaging with people that come from totally different backgrounds, or totally different industries or have totally different perspectives.”

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Today we welcome global finance leader Drake Peabody to Big Careers, Small Children.

Drake is an alumnus of the Leaders Plus Fellowship and Director of Group FP&A at IHS Towers, one of the largest independent owners, operators and developers of shared telecommunications infrastructure in the world.

Born in the US in a small town near Connecticut, Drake has lived and worked all over the world but is now settled in London with his wife Kara and their young son.

We discuss:

  • How to effectively network to support career development
  • How to network in a way that feels authentic to you
  • The impact a sponsor can have on your career
  • 3 tips for non-natural networkers

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