#140 Big Careers, Small Children: Karen Dillon – Overcoming Microstress: How Little Things Can Pile Up & Create Big Problems & What to Do About It

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Ever find yourself drowning in a sea of endless responsibilities?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and in need of some practical solutions?

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Perhaps you need to address the microstress in your life.

Microstresses are the small moments of stress that have insidiously infiltrated both our work and personal lives with invisible but devastating effects.

These seemingly harmless everyday occurrences can zap our energy levels and impact our performance.

Our guest today is Karen Dillon, an expert in dealing with microstress.

A former Editor of Harvard Business Review magazine, Karen is the co-author of the bestselling book The Microstress Effect: How Little Things Pile Up and Create Big Problems - and What to Do about It.

In this podcast, she shares practical tips on how to limit the microstress in our lives, including shedding light on:

  • What counts as microstress and how it might be impacting you day-to-day
  • Why most moments of microstress come from interactions with someone else
  • Why negative interactions have up to 5 times the impact of positive interactions
  • How to deal with a boss or colleague who is regularly creating moments of microstress
  • How to build resilience against microstress in our lives
Discover Eight Ways to Manage Microstress as a Working Parent. We’ve  put together a guide based on Verena’s conversation with Karen Dillon,  plus additional tips based on what our community of working parents tell us works for them. Click here to access it.

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