#139 Big Careers, Small Children: Ashley Quinto Powell – Practical Strategies for Selling Yourself When You’re a Busy Working Parent

Big Careers, Small Children - Selling Yourself with Ashley Quinto Powell

“One of the most important things is to have people who will mention you in a room when you’re not there.”

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Our guest today is Ashley Quinto Powell, a serial entrepreneur and the author of Executive Motherhood: The Art of Having It All Without Doing It All.

Ashley founded the Virtual Assistant Agency, myVA Rocks and has spoken about motherhood for TEDx and many others.

So what are the practical strategies working parents can use to really sell themselves when they are busy progressing their career and raising children?

Ashley shares her tips, including:

  • Why we need women in the room—and at the top
  • The importance of a powerful virtual network and how to build it
  • Moving beyond “imposter syndrome”
  • Part-time salary negotiations and understanding your real value
  • Whether you should talk about yourself as a working parent in a job interview
  • How to sell your skills when you don't like promoting yourself

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Show Notes:

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