#138 Big Careers, Small Children: Rajani Rao & Temi Olusola – Children Starting School? Practical Tips for Ambitious Working Parents

Big Careers, Small Children - Starting School with Rajani Rao & Temi Olusola

"No person grows like the parent who is just about to start primary school.”

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Will your child start a new school this year?

As exciting as the school transition is for you and your child the school journey can bring an extra set of challenges for working parents.

This week Leaders Plus Fellows Rajani Rao and Temi Olusola share their personal experience of having a child begin their school journey and the practical tips they have learned along the way.


  • How to thrive when your child starts school
  • The unexpected things to be ready for
  • The practicalities to consider when you're child is off school for holidays
  • How to make the school transition as enjoyable as possible (for you and your child)

With thanks to Rajani Rao, Principle Engineer at U-Blox and Temi Olusola, HRD at Westminster Abbey for sharing their honest experiences.

Show Notes:

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