#136 Big Careers, Small Children: Christian Uhle – How to Find Meaning in Both Life & Work

Big Careers, Small Children: John Higgins - Unlocking the Power of Silence: Creating Inclusive Workplaces and Balancing Work-Life Dynamics

Christian Uhle - How to Find Meaning in Both Life & Work on the Big Careers Small Children podcast

“We all experience different types of meaning in our lives and we all have different sources of meaning in our lives.”

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If you feel you lack purpose, should you try to find the meaning of life?

How can you increase the meaning you find in both life and work?

Why are so many jobs unfulfilling and what practically can you do about it?

Philosopher Christian Uhle joins Verena Hefti MBE for a frank discussion on meaning and how we can all increase the meaning in our lives.

Find out more about Christian's work, including his book 'Wozu Das Alles' at https://christian-uhle.de


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Reach out directly to Christian via his website above to enquire about talks, seminars, and one-on-one coaching in English.

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