#126 Big Careers, Small Children: How to Job Hunt Using Your Network & Making Those First 100 Days in a New Role Count Whilst Making Time for Self-Care

Big Careers, Small Children - Geraldine Butler-Wright - Job Hunting

“If you’re a new parent thinking about going back to work and doing a job search, do have a think about searching for companies that are more remote first as it will make your life easier.”

Today we welcome back Geraldine Butler-Wright to the podcast to discuss job hunting whilst on maternity leave.

Geraldine recently returned to work from her own second maternity leave having accepted an exciting new role as Chief People and Culture Officer at the live streaming platform, StreamElements.

Verena and Geraldine discuss:

  • How to job hunt using your network whilst on maternity leave
  • How to make the first 100 days at a new organisation count whilst also making time for self-care
  • How to practically reach out to companies you’re interested in (including what to write in your opening message)
  • Why you should speak to your network in person and not on email when job hunting
  • Why parents should  might be best prioritising organisations who offer remote work

Connect with Geraldine on LinkedIn.

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