#124 Big Careers, Small Children: Employer Change Makers – Dr Claartje Vinkenburg on Diversity & Inclusion in Careers

Big Careers, Small Children - Claartje Vinkenburg Employer Change Maker

“When it comes to diversity and inclusion a lot of organisations are managing recruitment and selection rather well. Promoting for diversity is a whole other issue.”

Dr Claartje Vinkenburg is an expert on gender diversity in careers. In this special employer change maker episode of Big Careers, Small Children she joins Verena Hefti MBE to discuss the most recent research on career development in the context of promoting gender equality.

Their discussion includes:

  • How organisations can ensure that not just those who shout loudest get promoted
  • Whether organisations should have high potential lists
  • Whether women actually have lower confidence than men when it comes to career progression
  • Gender differences in senior roles
  • Why it’s good to share you have care responsibilities at interview stage
  • The strategy used by female employees in Barack Obama’s White House Administration to fight gender bias

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Employer Change Makers
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