#122 Big Careers, Small Children: Leading Across Boundaries, Finding Your Purpose & Travelling Internationally for Work When You Have a Young Family

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast - ep122- Adi Sengupta

“The thing that bridges the gap between the choice I made and the connection I feel with the organisation – in order to give my best self to work – is purpose.”

Today we welcome Adirupa Sengupta, Group CEO of Common Purpose, an incredible charity that runs leadership-development programmes around the world.

Adirupa (Adi) has extensive experience working across different countries, cities and cultures to help leaders learn to cross boundaries in order to tackle complex problems.

We discuss:

  • What Adi used to believe about combining a big career with small children
  • Frequently travelling internationally for work when you’re a parent
  • Finding your purpose
  • Leading across boundaries
  • Dealing with assumptions

Connect with Adi on Twitter @AdirupaSengupta
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