#120 Big Careers, Small Children: Thinking About a Career Change?

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast - 120 - Geraldine Butler Wright

Thinking about a career change?

Today we are revisiting one of our most popular podcast episodes featuring Chief People & Culture Officer Geraldine Butler-Wright.

Geraldine has juggled multiple senior leadership roles and navigated big career changes (including cross-sector), she is an advocate of finding a job that ignites our true passion. In this episode, she shares fantastic tips for working parents thinking about a career change.

The discussion includes:

  • Why it’s important to find organisations who welcome fluidity in getting things done
  • Why just saying ‘yes’ might be the best decision you ever make
  • How to learn to sell yourself to a potential new employer
  • How to choose the right company for you
  • How to improve and then highlight your transferable skills
  • Geraldine’s best advice for moving to an organisation with purpose

At the time of recording, Geraldine was Chief People & Culture Officer for Healthily but has since moved on to the streaming platform StreamElements.

She is also a Trustee,  Advisor and Strategic Advisor, as well as a Senior Leader Mentor on our award-winning Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme. She is a mother of two small children.

Connect with Geraldine on LinkedIn here.

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