#118 Big Careers, Small Children: Joanna Santinon

Joanna Santinon - IVF & Fertility - Big Careers Small Children

“Until you’re trying you just don’t look into fertility and you don’t understand where the fertility cliffs are and where the drop-offs start to happen.”

Our guest today is Joanna Santinon, EY Ambassador, Non-Executive Director and Charity Trustee.

Joanna bravely shares her personal fertility journey, including how she combined multiple rounds of IVF treatment alongside her demanding career as a partner at Ernst & Young.

We discuss:

  • What to know before you embark on IVF
  • Why compartmentalising really helped Joanna
  • The best piece of advice Joanna received
  • Why having IVF didn’t affect her career
  • What Joanna wishes she’d known in hindsight

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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