#117 Big Careers, Small Children: Laura Harrison & Rajani Rao – Mentoring Special

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast - ep117 - Laura Harrison & Rajani Rao

“Before Laura I really sat there waiting for opportunities. After Laura’s mentoring session that changed for me. I would actually go out and find them.”

To celebrate International Mentoring Day (17 January 2023) we speak to Consultant Laura Harrison, a Senior Leader Mentor on the Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme and her Mentee (Leaders Plus Fellow and U-Blox Principal Engineer) Rajani Rao, to find out what made their relationship so successful.

We discuss:

  • what it takes to make a mentoring relationship truly transformational
  • where to go to find Mentors
  • why some conversations make a difference and others don’t

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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