#114 Big Careers, Small Children: Anita Nowak – Empathy

BBig Careers, Small Children Podcast - ep114 - Anita Nowak

“If you are high performance you need empathy in your workplace!”

Our guest today is Anita Nowak, an expert in empathy and author of the forthcoming book Purposeful Empathy: Tapping Our Hidden Superpower for Personal, Organisational, and Social Change.

Anita is passionate about mentoring the next generation of changemakers and teaches leadership, ethics in management, and social entrepreneurship and innovation at McGill University.

In this episode, we dive into empathy – a skill that post-pandemic has never been more critical for us at a personal level and as leaders in the workplace.

Anita shares with us the latest research on  why empathy  is crucial in organisations, how it contributes to our own personal well-being and happiness and why it’s so much more than just the “touchy-feely stuff.”

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

You can pre-order a copy of Anita’s forthcoming book via Amazon.

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