#113 Big Careers, Small Children: Michelle Bradley

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast - ep113 - Michelle Bradley - CEO The Parent Rooms

“In our office, we don’t talk about work-life balance we talk about home-life balance.”

Our guest today is Michelle Bradley, CEO of The Parent Rooms, a perinatal mental health charity where parents can access support and friendship who are based in Northern Ireland.

Michelle launched The Parents Rooms after struggling with postnatal depression and feeling isolated and alone in the early years of parenthood.

She shares with us everything she has learned as a courageous leader with a big career and small children.


  • Overcoming burnout and recognising the signs you need self-care
  • Dealing with postnatal depression and the importance of services for new mothers
  • Leading an organisation with empathy
  • Finding your identity outside of being a mother
  • Overcoming confidence struggles and dealing with imposter syndrome

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Find out more about Michelle and the fantastic service offered by The Parent Rooms at https://www.theparentrooms.co.uk 

If you’re struggling with postnatal depression please seek help from your GP.

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