#112 Big Careers, Small Children: Alex Budak – Becoming a Changemaker

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast - ep112 - Alex Budak - Changemaker

“Instead of waiting for someone else, we can each try and lead change from where we are.”

Our guest today is Alex Budak, a social entrepreneur, UC Berkeley Haas faculty member, speaker and the author of the empowering book  Becoming a Changemaker.

Alex believes anyone has the potential to lead change positive change. He talks us through his practical guide to becoming a changemaker, no matter where you are in an organisation.


  • The personality traits people who drive positive change have in common
  • How to use the latest research to drive change for working parents in your organisation
  • The 5 superpowers of influencing and how to use them

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Find out more about Alex at www.alexbudak.com

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