#110 Big Careers, Small Children: Dr Martha Deiros Collado

Big Careers, Small Children Podcast - ep110 - Dr Martha Deiros Collado

“It’s good for our children to see mothers as not just a parent but so much more than that. There are different facets to our identity and it’s healthy for kids to witness that.”

Our guest today is Dr Martha Deiros Collado, a clinical psychologist specialising in family therapy and host of the brilliant podcast Talking Sense with Dr Martha.

Leaders Plus Fellows tell us time and time again that they struggle with worrying about their children when they are at work and thinking about work when they are with the children.

So how can working parents switch off and be truly present with their kids at home and vice versa, how can they go to work and not feel guilty about leaving their kids?

Dr Martha shares fantastic, practical advice for working parents, including:

  • 3 things every parent can do today to be more present with their children
  • Why your child needs meaningful connection and not necessarily hours of your time
  • How to be focused at work without feeling guilty
  • How to make children understand that you have to and want to work

We hope you enjoy our conversation.

To find out more about Dr Martha head to her website at www.drmarthapsychologist.com

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